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Welcome to Emerging Leaders Foundation

Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) seeks to grow the next generation of leaders who are value-driven and sufficiently equipped to make change in their communities.

We believe that;

  1. Investment in young people is important for sustainable development.
  2. Young people must be empowered with relevant knowledge and skills to ensure their meaningful participation in governance processes in both county and national governments.

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Our Model

our modelWe do believe that a leader must first discover and know who they are before attempting to make any change in society. This is because like Gandhi said, all change starts with the self. We use the tools of storytelling and reflection in this phase.
our modelFor leaders to have any influence, they must connect with people. The core of leadership is people. So, how does a leader connect with people? How do they synergize and achieve success? In this phase, image, networking and ability to communicate are of paramount importance. We also provide those avenues where the leaders meet and network.
our modelLeadership is about results. It’s about making a real tangible difference in the lives of communities. For instance, how does a leader consolidate their knowledge, skills and networks to touch the lives of the vulnerable members of society? What platforms do they use to make the change? We also link them to internships and job opportunities in the course of the program, to help them put into practice what they learn as well as earn a livelihood.
At Emerging Leaders Foundation, our focus is to grow a society full of young people who live purposeful lives and contribute meaningfully to nation building and policy processes. I deeply believe in the pursuit of happiness in life, and achieving harmony with fellow humans and nature. Every individual, whether male or female, young or old, must be able to enjoy these rights. I have come to the realization that this is largely dependent on being able to discover our reason for being, purpose.”Caren Wakoli

Our Programs

Leader Development

We run a six-month high impact mentorship program aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders to spur transformation in their communities. Our mentees are taken through modules such as…
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Policy Engagement

We believe that young people must be involved in all policy and governance processes in all sectors and at all levels. They must be involved from inception to implementation to make…
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Economic Empowerment

We empower young people with relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to earn a dignified livelihood and contribute to economic growth and development. We have a platform where we…
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National Cohesion

Unity, justice and patriotism are key ingredients of a peaceful and prosperous society. ELF provides a safe space where young people have conversations and take action to promote national cohesion.
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