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Our Programs

Leadership development

We run a six-month high impact mentorship program aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders to spur transformation in their communities. Our mentees are taken through modules such as self awareness, leadership skills, life skills, storytelling, community service, human rights and participation, communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship. In the course the training, they get attached to mentors in different fields depending on areas of interest, for coaching and guidance. They also do peer-mentorship amongst themselves.

Policy engagement

We believe that young people must be involved in all policy and governance processes in all sectors and at all levels. They must be involved from inception to implementation to make sure their input is considered and valued. We therefore equip young people with skills necessary for them to engage effectively in these processes.

Economic empowerment

We empower young people with relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to earn a dignified livelihood and contribute to economic growth and development. We have a platform where we build the capacity of young people in business skills, soft skills and digital skills to enable take advantage of the growing digital economy.

National cohesion

Unity, justice and patriotism are key ingredients of a peaceful and prosperous society. ELF provides a safe space where young people have conversations and take action to promote national cohesion.

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